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FloLab is a wellness-first coworking boutique created for health-conscious entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

Based in the centre of The Hague, FloLab offers a work space that highlights a holistic approach to professional life - one that supports your physical and mental health.



Standing at a desk or sitting on a yoga ball, it’s your choice, but always surrounded by light and nature. Healthy snacks, herbal tea and good posture are as important to us as your WiFi connection.



Work side by side with fellow health-conscious freelancers, entrepreneurs and wellness professionals. Support both your personal and professional growth at our regular Meetups and educational events.



You can hustle and grind all you like but when pressure, stress and anxiety lead to burnout, everything changes. Find morning rituals, structured working hours, and meditation breaks right here at FloLab


Come and have a taster of our community for a day.


“Burnout is not

a medal of honour.” 


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