Takeaways from our September Workshop: Finding & Presenting your Why


This month we were looking forward to tapping into our Why’s, gently guided by the expertise of Yannis Dimitroulas. Most of us have heard of Simon Sinek and his “Golden Circle Marketing Revolution”. Most of us... or just me (Valeria), decided that it’s a marketing framework and referred to it in the professional setting only. So here is the big reveal: it got very personal, there were tears, trembling voices, and finally sighs of relief. 

As a person, I tend to reflect and theorize a lot, so it’s no surprise that I am such a self-development aficionado. Is that even a thing? On the other hand, I lack action and pragmatism, therefore I decided to nudge myself into situations where I’d have to take action. Moreover, as I often wander around ideas and theories, trying to understand myself, human nature, and other strange phenomena, I knew this workshop was a must for me.

Emma has had more experience with digging up Why’s than me. She mentioned that she’s worked with a lot of coaches over the years, trying to tap into the reason why she does what she does. During those sessions, she’d be told: “your why should make you cry”. But according to Emma, she had never gotten to that space in which emotion stood right behind her words.

Sharing my truth was such an empowering process. I now understand what it is that drives everything I do in life, not just in business but what underpins everything else.

“Being moved to tears when you talk about why you do what you do can feel so uncomfortable, but it is in that emotion that you powerfully connect with yourself, as well as with others. Thank you for helping us to experience this Yannis, and for helping me find my why.

The workshop Yannis facilitated was a very different experience. He guided us through exercises that helped us track and identify the events in our life that have shaped and defined us. In addition to having to sink deep and look for those events, we then had to share them with others. It took so much courage for us to dig into this and be so open about the highs and lows that we carefully and tearfully placed on the timelines, representing our lives.”

- Emma


We were blown away by how open we and the participants were. Credits to Yannis who created such a safe environment to enable this level of vulnerability. As a group, we made powerful connections to last, while Yannis asked powerful questions and taught us how to ask the right questions in order to independently continue the process. 

After some work and some doubt and then some more of both, I had my Why statement in front of me. First thoughts: “I thought I’d be more surprised…? I thought I’d feel something if it were the one.” But here is where the “Presenting your Why” part kicked in. It wasn’t so much about presentation skills, as the power of hearing yourself say it. I went up there, in front of everyone and it didn’t seem like a problem until I opened my mouth: I am Valeria and I am here to find, understand and accept myself so that I can help others happily be their true selves.” It got very personal, there were tears, my trembling voice, and finally a sigh of relief.

Thank you so much, everyone, for showing up, so open, accepting, vulnerable, and so extraordinarily brave. 

Thank you, Yannis for guiding us to that space where emotions came up to our throats.

On October 24th, we will be transitioning to a mobility lab embracing movement at the work-space. Movement is a vital nutrient to your wellness, just like food, rest and a community that supports you. Our expert Evamaria will show you how you can integrate yoga into your everyday life, right at your work-space! 

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