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Monday Midday Meditation

Monday Midday meditation Template.png

Do you love what you do? And despite that, do you sometimes have trouble staying in touch with your goals and desires? Try this meditation out! Midday Meditation can assist you in staying in your lane throughout the whole day.

Flolab’s newest addition is Monday Midday Meditation. Especially designed to balance our busy freelance-lifestyle, it fills the well known ‘afternoon-dip’ with rejuvenation, clarity and new inspiration for our goals. It is meant to serve your energy-regulation, involving different parts of yourself to get you aligned for the rest of the day.

Midday Meditation is a unique blend of clarity, stillness and activation of energy. It uses the lulls in your energy-fluctuations to your advantage. It does this in such a way, that you can get back to your projects in a refreshed, focussed and relaxed manner. In short: Midday Meditation is here to prime you to finish your day joyfully and purposefully.

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What to expect in 1 hour
After a trial period (1-3 months), we will offer a month-program. Specifically designed to help you ingrain all the essential aspects of Midday Meditation. This program is useful, and I would say almost mandatory if you want to make Midday Meditation an integrated habit in your life.

For the (try-out=proefles meditations, this is what you can expect:

Guided meditation: easing our way into stillness
Goal-clearification: getting specific about passions & problems
Emotional-integration: feeling our goals
(Optional & recommended) group sharing of your experience


A few little words about your coach for this Monday Midday Meditation …. Hi I am Renzo. I a professional lifestyle coach and my two main projects are designing this course, as well as building an online platform called Authentic Lifestyle Creation. I am rollin’ with Flolab since the beginning of the year, going to meetups, enjoying the terrific vibe!

With Midday Meditation I hope to include a few key elements that have drastically changed my life. Working with stillness, as well as with emotions and clearity, are serving as absolute cornerstones to create the life I want. In the last few years, I have made Midday Meditation a dailey habit. I experience it serves as a good time-out and refocus ritual, allowing me to get intune with myself, before taking action. This way I am more confident in achieving my goals. I am very curious if it works the same for you.... So come try it out!

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