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Self-compassion in Business: Mindset Lab with Mags Thomson

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Is your inner voice judgmental and cruel? Are you trying to bully yourself into achieving your goals and objectives? It’s never going to work and it has to change. It's time to learn a new language. A language of self-love, compassion, and optimism.

There is a stubborn belief that we have to leave our personal stuff out of our professional life. "Leave that shit at the door" sounds great, but in truth, we are whole and complex human-beings and we bring everything to the table. Our strengths, weaknesses, triggers, traumas and conquests. So, what if we can own all the parts of ourselves with self-compassion and build a work life that supports and celebrates that? Sound good?

Who is this workshop for?

This mindset workshop is for solopreneurs AND employees working within businesses who are interested in developing their mindset using a language of self-love, compassion, and optimism.

Who is your teacher?

Mags Thomson has had so many official titles ranging from trainee teacher to grants administrator, and from operations manager to data entry clerk. The title she has chosen for herself is Mindset Mentor & Transformation Cheerleader.

In 2013, she became a co-founder of SwanWaters— an organisation she now heads as its director. Mags and her team support survivors of abuse to overcome their trauma and thrive in their new life. Through this work and her own healing, Mags has learned essential skills such as addressing; negative self-talk, self-sabotage, low self-esteem and the destructive force of learned helplessness. These skills proved essential to transforming not only her personal life but her work and ultimately her success.

Date: Wednesday 24th July, 630pm - 930pm

Location: FloLab, Koediefstraat 5, 2511 CG, The Hague

Tickets: €30 incl VAT.

What to bring?:

Nothing at all, just a smile and a positive attitude :)