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Essential Oils + Emotional Wellness Reset


Are you looking to clear energetic and emotional blocks that have been standing in your way, personally or professionally?

Do you wish to gather and connect with a group of like-minded people, step deeper into your belief in your vision and find support and accountability?

<<Great, then this workshop is for you!>>

What is this gathering about?

"Where focus goes, energy flows"

A large part of our dis-ease and dis-comfort roots in our thought patterns and beliefs. Essential oils can help move energy (Chi, Prana), just like acupuncture can.

During this workshop, Saar will walk you through a specific protocol during which we will be applying specific essential oils to acupuncture points to help remove common blockages.

We will address the topics of overwhelm, fears, self-esteem, clarity, and personal power.

Call it an Emotional Re-Set, but you surely will notice the effect of walking through this protocol together!

If you are feeling stuck in a thought pattern or belief about yourself, desire to step out into the world with your message, a project, or your business, but feel held back, or would like to feel more confident in how you show up in the world - this workshop is for you!

There will be plenty of time to feel into what you are experiencing, and share about what is arising, during this workshop. We are not alone in experiencing these beliefs, though have to test how much of what we hold on to is actually ours to hold on. Let's come together in community, to make the process somewhat easier, support one another, and keep each other accountable in taking care of ourselves and expressing our desires to the world!

Note: We'll make sure to drink lots of water during the workshop, and it is recommended you drink more water than usual the 24 hours following. You might experience a gentle (emotional) detox the 24 hours following the protocol.
You might notice emotions arise a bit more strongly, there is no need to fear them. Rather, embrace the knowing that trapped emotions are coming out and are being released, leaving you with more space to be your beautiful Self.

Saar will share some tools to help speed up, and bring more ease, to this process.

You will receive a hand-out with the protocol we're using, as well as a sequence of blends (and recipes for them) which you can use to support your on-going process. On average you will use these blends for 2-4 weeks, before moving onto the next one. Your intuition will tell you when it is time to do so.

Your Investment (2 options)

1) € 35 - regular attendance, does not include oils to take home

2) € 60 - participation + 3 essential oil blends suggested to use for the weeks following the procotol (includes precious oils such as Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cardamom, Juniper Berry, Cinnamon, Ginger, and more)
-> Confirm for this options ASAP so I can make these blends in time and they have time to optimally come together ♥

Please transfer your chosen investment via the Paypal link, or message me with your preferred option to RSVP and I will send you a Tikkie!

There is space for 10 people maximum.

* Oils to take home not included with regular ticket, option to purchase at wholesale pricing for personal support.

This class will be offered in English.

Later Event: October 15
Oil Club: Potluck Edition