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Flow through your Day using Essential Oils


You are warmly invited to The 'Flow through your Day with Essential Oils' Workshop!

If we haven't yet met, I am Saar Grolleman. A Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yin + Restorative Yoga Teacher, Essential Oil Educator and Intuitive Living Coach. I piece together my skills and personal experience with mental health and body image issues, burn-out, eating disorders and living abroad, to support you on your journey of self-discovery

🌿 During this workshop, you quickly discover that there's an essential oil available for your every need!

Just imagine what it feels like when...

You wake up feeling rested + rejuvenated after a good night of sleep (thank you, Lavender!)
🍋 You arrive at work and turn on your diffuser: it's time to create some magic!
☄️ After a nourishing lunch, you feel a bit bloated, a digestive blend rubbed over your belly offers quick relief
🍊 You're getting in some focus work, but then your energy starts to drop... a Citrus oil comes to the rescue to inspire + power you through your must-do list
🌝 When you get home you settle into a relaxing bath with Epsom salts and oils which soothe your mind and muscles
💧 Before bed, you rub some immune supportive oils under your feet- it helps you ground + fight of the yuck

Mmm, you can't wait for another oily and in-tune day! 🤓

What's included:
🌼 Get wowed by the most popular, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils Mother Nature has to offer
🌼 Make your own special Mood Blend to support you with focus & motivation that you can take home in a handy rollerball.
🌼 Recipes to make your own blends to support you with focus & motivation
🌼 You will also get additional recipes to blend up what serves you (stress less, confidence and courage boost, anger management, hormonal support, calm + steady, etc)!
🌼 Receive a 'Flow Through your day with Essential Oils & Rituals' Worksheet, with additional tips, and a summary of the oils that are discussed during the workshop + tools and tips on how to get them at the price I purchase them at.

Investment: 25 euro
To reserve your spot, RSVP/put yourself on 'going' and I will send you a Tikkie or Paypal link

⌚️ Time: 10:00-12:15 PM
📅 Date: October 22th 2019