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Narcissistic abuse healing group



This is a calling for you out there abused by a narcissist.

Are you suffering from invisible abuse, manipulation, gaslight and anxiety caused by a person close to you such as a spouse or a parent? Perhaps you are feeling guilty, foggy in the brain, alone and doubtful? Exhausted and not sure what your reality is?
This kind of situation is hard to explain to other people, you might even doubt that is happening to you and are not sure how to put it in words, much less how to heal from it. That is why I created this group to share and to learn more about this insidious abuse.
Whether you recently realized that you are a victim of a narcissist or you know it for a while and have already done some work on it you will find value in these meetings.

Each week we discuss a topic and the aim is to:

- Create awareness around narcissistic abuse
- Learn around the narcissistic red flags
- Share our stories and be heard by people who can relate and validate us
- How to set boundaries
- Support and heal

The meeting location is in The Hague tba
The frequency is every alternate Friday from 19:30 till 21:30
These meetings are free of charge and you can leave a donation