Our Story


FloLab was founded by Emma Smillie and Snezhana Kuzmina in the summer of 2018.

Prior to this, we were working on our independent businesses and we had both experienced loneliness and a lack of structure from working from home.

However, when researching local coworking spaces, we were not satisfied as they did not cater to our specific health needs. We have both experienced a range of issues ranging from anxiety, burnout, irritable bowel syndrome, scoliosis, alcohol abuse and autoimmune disorders.

We decided to create our own perfect work environment, and to share that space with a community that could help each other heal and grow together.

Over 6 months, we researched how to approach this new challenge in our lives, whilst also growing our community with weekly Meetups. Finally, in 2019, we were ready to open and share the seedlings of our vision.