Our Vision

We offer a comfortable, light and health-conscious coworking space filled with a warm, intimate community, united in their passion for wellness and a work/life balance.

Our space is optimized for workplace wellness, incorporating biophilic design, healthy snacks and drinks, natural light and outdoor space . We offer flexible work spaces, individual desks, private room hire for consultation/sessions/classes, and evening & weekend events.

At the heart of the business is our community. A membership with FloLab is not only access to facilities, but also to a supportive, open and inspiring community, where you can grow as a person at the same time as growing your business.

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You can customize your working environment dependent on your preferences.

  • You can sit alone at a singular desks or at friendly communal tables.

  • You can work at a standing desk or even sit on a yoga ball.

  • Change your environment by working in the sunny lounge or upstairs in the quiet area.



Biophilic design is crucial for a sense of wellness at work, which is why you will find many elements of the natural world around you.

  • An abundance of real plants will surround you, bringing the outside in and releasing energising oxygen.

  • Large windows and skylights ensure plenty of natural light even in the winter months.

  • Our diffusers release energising and focussing essential oils throughout the day.

  • Natural wood and fabrics keep you grounded and comfortable while you work.

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If a healthy mind is a healthy body and you are what you eat, then suffice to say you won’t get tempted in to unhealthy snacky at FloLab. Instead, you will find;

  • Complimentary organic coffee and an assortment of herbal teas.

  • Complimentary fruit and nuts.

  • Storage for your own food from home.

  • An invitation to eat lunch together away from your desk, at a regular time each day.

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With increasing stresses of daily life and burnout on the rise, it is crucial you support your mental health while striving for your goals. We support you by offering:

  • A private meditation station.

  • Gentle encouragement for regular work, lunch and break times.

  • An invitation to daily outdoor walks in the afternoon.